People with disabilities want to live, love and enjoy life like everybody else. That is why, NDIS providers are there to help you or your loved ones with all the assistance and services you might need. And that includes making sure you feel like you belong in society by engaging in NDIS community participation activities.

NDIS community participation activities to interact and make friends

What is NDIS Social and Community Participation?

NDIS’ Assistance with Social and Community Participationis a support category designed to help people with disabilities engage with their local communities. This Core Support was founded after observing the benefits that NDIS community participation provided. It allows them to engage in fun recreational and educational activities, gain new skills, and of course, make new friends.

Types of Activities in the Community

  1. Attending school
  2. Going to work
  3. Grocery runs
  4. Visiting your local library, movie theatres, shopping centers, and coffee shops
  5. Meeting with your friends and family
  6. Joining your local clubs and attending meetings
  7. Learning new skills, such as photography, arts and crafts, and pottery making.
  8. Participating in different sports and hobbies
  9. Work on your personal development
  10. Plan your overnight or holiday trips

NDIS community participation activities by visiting local and communal areas

Benefits of Active Support Disability

Everybody needs a proper support system in place, just that people with disability need a little more. With the correct assistance, they can engage in meaningful everyday activities and find joy in the little things.
Benefits of NDIS community participation include:

    1. Boosting your self-confidence and personality to change your approach to life. This could include being able to take on your lost dexterities, such as driving or crafting. However, it is important to remember to have perseverance and patience.
    2. Creating your identities as artists, craftspeople, singers, and athletes and as more than just people without intellectual disabilities.
    3. Connecting with peers as well as people without disabilities who may share similar interests. Not only would it help you make friends, but it could also help break the stigma and misconceptions around disabilities.
    4. Being in control of your mental health, and reducing the risks of depression and anxiety caused by loneliness and isolation.
    5. Giving you a sense of purpose and helping you realize your contribution to society.
    6. Providing respite to your usual carers and family
    7. Learning more about yourself. By exposing yourself to the world, you can pick up hobbies and interests that you would not have thought of enjoying otherwise.

NDIS community participation activities create individuality and identity

How to Choose the Right Support Worker?

When thinking about pursuing NDIS social and community participation, you need to have a good support team and the right support worker. You need to have someone who is the right fit for you or your loved ones, is reliable, and understands the specific needs because of their experience working with people with similar disabilities. But most importantly, you want someone who shares your interests and hobbies and will enjoy doing these activities with you.

NDIS community participation activities capable support worker

EaseCare Support Services

EaseCare can help you get ready, connect, and then stay connected with social activities in the community. Our support workers are NDIS-approved and are exceptionally skilled to help your or your loved ones through a range of activities across Melbourne. Get in touch with us today!

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