Active Support

At EaseCare, our NDIS social and community participation support service aims to ensure you can participate in activities that you are interested in and passionate about.

Join classes, hang out with friends, play sports or do activities in the community you love, try a new hobby, and more!

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At EaseCare, our NDIS social and community participation support service aims to ensure you can participate in activities that you are interested in and passionate about.

  • This means you can participate in activities in the community, such as:
  • Joining classes
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Playing sports
  • Trying new hobbies

NDIS Social and Community Participation:

What activities are supported by our NDIS Social and Community Participation service?


You are supported to play sports, join a club, or go to the gym.


Our program also encourages you to try out new hobbies. This includes dancing, surfing, drama class, photography, music class, and more.

Social Activities:

If you prefer attending movie nights, or want to hang out with your neighbours at BBQs or other social events, our NDIS social and community participation service supports this, too. At EaseCare, we are happy to support you to play an active role in your community. Our team is committed to making activities accessible and fun.

What Kinds of Support Will I Receive?

Our team at EaseCare is equipped to support you so you can enjoy your social and community activities.

Getting out and about in your local community:

Our NDIS social and community participation service offers tailored and long-term support to help you participate in your community at your capacity. You can choose how you want to be supported, and when you want to be supported. We can also work with your family and friends to arrange the support you need.

Since our support service is personalised to your needs, get in touch with our disability and in-home care team to discuss how we can assist you.

NDIS Support for Activities in the Community:

Our NDIS community participation support team is here to assist you in being able to play an active part in social activities, learning new skills, and trying out new hobbies. If you are looking for examples of activities to try, check out our list below.

NDIS Support for Learning and Volunteering Activities:

Learning news skills, trying new hobbies, and volunteering for causes you wish to support are great ways to participate in the community. EaseCare fosters a loving community, where all kinds of learning and volunteering activities are supported. Such activities include:

  • Taking literature classes
  • Volunteering for women’s rights programs
  • Joining a men’s shed
  • Joining a gardening club

NDIS Support for Social Activities

At EaseCare, we understand the importance of socialising – that is why, our Active Support Disability team is committed to enhancing your social life and skills. You can choose to:

  • Attend social discos
  • Go to church
  • Go shopping with your friends
  • Host BBQs with your neighbours
  • Other social activities

NDIS Support for Recreational Activities:

Recreational activities are a fun way to meet new people, explore your interests, and build your skills. Our support team at EaseCare is here to assist you to enjoy the best things life has to offer. We can assist you by:

  • Taking you to the cinemas to watch a movie
  • See your favourite artist at a concert
  • Join a yoga class
  • Visit Melbourne’s accessible and wheelchair-friendly attractions with your friends
  • Other recreational activities