Independent living skills prevent NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) individuals from performing certain tasks as it comes with many efforts and challenges. Sometimes the task takes longer than expected, and in the worst cases, it completely hinders them from completing it. That’s why there should be an allocated resource that helps build a greater sense of confidence and self-esteem. Learning new things is empowering and teaches NDIS participants how to manage their lives independently with ease!

What is Independent Living Skills Training?

Independent living skills training for NDIS participants usually involves targeted interventions and support to develop and improve various skills necessary for independent living.

What Does The Independent Living Skills Training Look Like?

NDIS approved providers can offer various services depending on an individual’s unique needs and goals, some responsibilities may include the following:

  • Self-care skills training: This type of training focuses on helping NDIS individuals with activities like grooming, dressing, bathing, and preparing meals. Its intent is to help NDIS individuals be more independent in caring for themselves and their personal hygiene.
  • Household management skills training: This training focuses on skills needed to manage NDIS participants’ homes. Budgeting, meal planning, cleaning, and doing laundry all aim to teach individuals to care for their living environment independently.
  • Mobility skills training: This type of training focuses on helping NDIS individuals with mobility aids, such as walkers or wheelchairs, and teaches them how to move safely in different environments. It’s designed to help them become more independent in getting around.
  • Time management and organization skills training: This training focuses on helping NDIS participants learn how to plan and manage their time effectively. It also helps develop organizational skills to manage responsibilities and tasks independently.

ependent Living Skills Training for NDIS Participants Alt Text: Independent Living Skills Training for NDIS individuals

How Can NDIS Individuals Benefit From Independent Living Skills Training?

  • Improved communication and social skills: These skills involve effective communication with others and building positive social relationships. Examples of communication and social skills include listening and speaking, using social cues, building friendships, and resolving conflicts.
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills: These skills involve identifying and solving problems independently and making informed decisions. These can include critical thinking, deciding-making and finding solutions to everyday challenges.
  • Community participation skills: NDIS approved providers will support NDIS individuals by providing active support disability services involving activities in the community like social, recreation, and vocational events. Examples are social events, volunteering, hobbies and interests clubs, and networking employment opportunities.

Personal safety skills training: Independent living skills training focuses on the participants understanding and practising personal safety measures to protect themselves in different environments. Examples include road safety, stranger awareness, emergency preparedness and self-advocacy skills.

How Can EaseCare Assist With Daily Activities?

At EaseCare, we understand that each person with a disability has unique needs and goals in life. We believe that there is no perfect solution for all the problems, and our professional team of support workers is dedicated to providing personalised assistance to NDIS participants.

Our aim is to help our clients with their daily living and self-care activities while also supporting them in achieving their NDIS goals. If you want to learn more about how EaseCare can assist with your specific needs, kindly fill out the form here, and one of our friendly staff members will contact you soon.

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