If you are a potential or approved recipient of NDIS support, then you may be on the lookout for an NDIS approved provider. But:

  • What is an NDIS approved provider?
  • How do you find them?
  • How do you know if a particular NDIS approved provider is right for you?

Navigating the NDIS system can be confusing and intimidating for many people, and at Easecare we aim to make the process simple, understandable and above all stress-free.

In this article we take a look at the term ‘NDIS approved provider’ to unravel what this term actually means, how providers – such as Easecare attain it – and what you should look out for when choosing your own provider.

What is the NDIS?

NDIS stands for National Disability Insurance Scheme. It is a scheme of the Australian Federal Government which was legislated into existence in 2013 and became fully operational in 2020.

NDIS aims to provide over $22 billion in funding a year to approximately 500,000 Australians who have permanent and/or significant disability.

As well as funding, the NDIS exists to help connect all people with disability, no matter how big or small, to access services and information they need to achieve their goals and live independently.

The main thing to remember for those seeking funding from the NDIS is that it follows a strict criterion in determining the eligibility of recipients.
You can learn more about eligibility for NDIS funding on their website.

What is an NDIS Approved Provider?

If you are eligible for NDIS funding, you will now need to find an NDIS approved provider to assist with delivering the support and/or services you require.

Just like those seeking support from the NDIS, the businesses who provide services to NDIS recipients must be deemed eligible to provide services within the NDIS program.

The NDIS application process for providers consists of:

  • An eligibility check
  • An online application form
  • An audit
  • An assessment of application

To become an NDIS approved provider, businesses must:

  • Provide information about the company’s corporate structure and contact details
  • The ‘registration group’ (IE: Services) that the business will provide
  • Complete a self-assessment against NDIS Practice Standards
  • Submit to an audit by an approved auditor

Once those steps have been completed, the NDIS Commission will assess the business’ application and make a decision on whether or not the business will be classified as an NDIS approved provider.

This process is purposefully rigorous to ensure that list of NDIS Approved Providers is full of providers who can deliver the best possible services to recipients of NDIS support.

It is important to note, however, that once a business is listed as an NDIS Approved Provider, they must continue to prove that they are maintaining the required standards and are only providing the services or supports they are registered to provide.

In Summary…

An NDIS Approved Provider is an organisation that has demonstrated it can deliver an exceptional standard of support and/or service to recipients of NDIS funding.

As an Approved NDIS Provider, Easecare is subject to these rigorous checks and balances to ensure that the services and supports we provide our clients remains of the highest possible standard. Find out more about our services by filling out our forms or calling us on (03) 9034 9340.

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Do NDIS Approved Providers Only Work with NDIS Recipients?

Whilst many organisations – Easecare included – strive for the stats of NDIS Approved Provider, it is important to note that providers who are approved by the NDIS are not restricted to only working with NDIS recipients.

If you have yet to be approved for NDIS support or have been unsuccessful in receiving NDIS support or funding, you can still use an Approved NDIS Provider.

Whilst you will not receive any financial support in using these providers, working with an NDIS Approved Provider is a great way to ensure you are working with an organisation that has proven itself as a reputable and high-quality provider.

Contact Easecare: An NDIS Approved Provider

Easecare, being one of Melbourne’s most reputable suppliers of disability services, can assist you with all of your disability assistance requirements.

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