It’s frustrating and unfair for others to treat you differently because of things you can’t do. We are all human and deserve support equally, which is why Person-Centred Support is so important.

This blog will explain what Person-Centred Support actually is, its four principles, and why it’s important. So are you ready to learn more? Let’s go.

What is Person Centred Support?

We all deserve to be treated as a person, and Person-Centred Support ensures that this is always the case. This approach focuses on the person and what they are able to do, rather than their condition or disability. This means support is given in a way personally tailored to the person, making it more effective overall than traditional methods.

This person-first approach helps people to develop the skills and confidence to effectively make decisions about their own health. It also caters to their own specific individual values and beliefs, ultimately creating a much better experience.

A person-first approach involves:

  • Talking with the person, not just about them
  • Planning with the person
  • Supporting the person with procedures that benefit them
  • Focusing on their abilities, not their limitations

What Person Centred Support is with Easecare

The 4 Principles of Person-Centred Support

Treating The Person with Respect, Compassion, and Dignity

It’s all too common for people to lose their independence while under care, completely disregarding their values. A person’s values and needs need respect. The person-first approach focuses on the treatment of others with proper compassion and empathy.

Personalised Care

A standardised approach to care makes assumptions that end up negatively impacting the person, which is why we should tailor care in a personal way, from one person to another. It’s important to let people keep their independence during care.

Coordinated Care

Under care, workers and health service providers should clearly communicate the person’s needs. This ensures when people under care move between services, their needs can continue to be met.

Enabling Care

Person-centred support requires involving all parties in the decision-making process, allowing people to make their own decisions. This final principle provides people the ability to learn how to independently make choices that affect their health.

Person-Centred Support: Why It’s Important

Person-centred support enables people to properly learn and develop the ability to make more informed decisions on their health. By matching and personalising the care to each individual, it’s possible to make a better experience for everyone.

Traditional care methods do the complete opposite, these older methods would prioritise taking away agency and independence from individuals.


Person-centred support values the person for who they are, not who they aren’t. It allows people to make their own decisions and treats them equally to everyone. The four principles of person-centred care ensure everyone has the autonomy and freedom to make their own choices.

Easecare offers services designed to provide you with independence. Contact EaseCare to learn more.

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