A Bit About NDIS

A bit about NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a crucial cog in Australia’s public healthcare system.

In Australia, there are approximately 4.3 million people living with a disability and the NDIS provides in excess of $22 billion in funding.

The NDIS estimates that this funding will assist approximately 500,000 people.

In this article, we explain a bit more about what the NDIS is and what it covers. If you are looking for professional and reliable in-home care or disability services in Melbourne, get in touch with us today.

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What is the NDIS?

NDIS stands for National Disability Insurance Scheme. The NDIS is a federally funded program that provides financial assistance to people with intellectual, physical, sensory, cognitive (such as short-term memory impairment) or psychosocial (as a result of a mental health condition) disabilities, as well as early intervention services for children with developmental delays.

The NDIS can connect people with disabilities to resources in their communities such as doctors, sporting clubs, support groups, libraries, and schools, as well as information about the support given by each state and territory government.

While the NDIS is a fantastic resource for everyone with a disability or those who help individuals with disabilities and provides billions of dollars in funding, there are some requirements that have to be fulfilled before NDIS funding can be accessed. The majority of its funding is exclusively aimed at people with a permanent and serious disability.

What is NDIS Funding?

NDIS funding is money delivered by the scheme that assists those living with a permanent and serious disability with access to equipment and/or services that will aid them in their daily lives.

NDIS funding is accessible to Australian citizens or permanent residents aged between 7 and 65 with specific requirements.

What is NDIS Funding

Some of the requirements that applicants may need to satisfy to access NDIS funding include:

  • The applicant requires support from another person because of a permanent and significant disability.
  • The applicant requires special equipment because of a permanent and significant disability.
  • The applicant requires support now that will reduce their needs in the future.

The NDIS website has a simple questionnaire that can be viewed to help people understand the eligibility criteria for NDIS funding.

What Does the NDIS Funding Cover?

If you are eligible for NDIS funding, you might be wondering what is covered by the NDIS?

Some of the things that are covered by the NDIS include:

  • Funding required for personal activities on a daily basis.
  • Funding for transport to access participation in community, social, economic, and daily life activities.
  • Workplace assistance to enable a participant to successfully get or maintain employment in the open or subsidised labour market.
  • Behavioural support.
  • Assistance with housekeeping activities in order for the participant to keep their home environment.
  • Assistance to a participant in the assessment, setup, and training of aids or equipment by skilled staff.
  • Design and construction of home modifications.
  • Mobility equipment.
  • Vehicle alterations.

The NDIS does NOT cover any funding for support that is:

  • the responsibility of another government system or community service.
  • not related to a person’s disability.
  • relates to day-to-day living costs that are not related to a participant’s support needs, or
  • is likely to cause harm to the participant or pose a risk to others.

How can Easecare help?

To access funding from the NDIS, the services or equipment provided by the funding must be delivered by a registered NDIS provider.

As one of Melbourne’s leading NDIS providers, Easecare is approved to provide services in the following NDIS registration groups:

  • Assistance with daily personal activities.
  • Assistance with travel/transport arrangements
  • Daily Task/Shared living
  • Development of daily care and life skills
  • Household tasks
  • Participation in community, social and civic activities


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